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REACHReady offers our Gold subscribers use of an exclusive logo to demonstrate that they’re on the road to REACH and CLP compliance.

As you know, it’s important that all manufacturers, importers and downstream users of chemicals are prepared and fully aware of the impact that the REACH and CLP legislation has on their business, so why not reward these efforts by identifying these subscribers as proactive, and with our support, informed?

So if you see our member logo on a company website, it means that at least one individual at that company is a REACHReady Gold subscriber and has access to our Helpdesk as needed. However, it doesn’t mean that REACHReady endorses that company’s products or services, show that they’ve successfully registered a chemical substance with ECHA or that their products are REACH compliant.

When a substance is registered with ECHA they will perform a completeness check of the registration dossier and perform a quality evaluation for a minimum percentage of dossiers. Proposals for testing will be evaluated, and ECHA, in conjunction with Competent Authorities located in the Member States, may perform substance evaluations (as opposed to evaluations of dossiers) if the substance is considered to be of potential concern. Likewise, to demonstrate REACH compliance a company may have developed a supply chain management system to monitor for the presence of SVHC's (Substances of Very High Concern) on the Candidate List in their product which may include a vulnerability assessment, supply chain surveys and audits, SVHC testing, training, a communication strategy and tight contractual arrangements.

Needless to say this is a very different process than joining REACHReady as a Gold subscriber. You can find out more about subscribing to REACHReady and the full benefits package here.

Please email or call +44 (0) 20 7901 1444 if you have any questions about the logo and its use.

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25 May - CLP for Formulators and Importers - An Introduction, London

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Latest News


Latest News

11 April - CLP: Annex VIII on poison centres published

The new Annex VIII to CLP, containing new arrangements for submissions to poison centres, was published last week. Article 45 within CLP requires importers and downstream users placing hazardous mixtures on the market to disclose relevant information to national Poison Centres...

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