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We are available to ensure you understand your legal obligations, and to clarify the what, why, where and when of REACH, CLP and BPR.

For all Gold subscribers, we are available, Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm (UK), to answer all your questions about REACH, CLP and BPR.. Our experts are on-hand to offer in-depth advice on what actions your business should take to best comply with the regulations in the most advantageous way - saving you time, trouble and money.

We are available to ensure your understanding about your legal obligations is correct, and to clarify the what, why, where and when of bothREACH, CLP and BPR. Help is just a phone call, or email, away.

We can give you advice about the timetable you should be adopting for your particular chemicals, describe how the law affects all parts of your supply chain, and help you benefit from our team's broad experience. We’ll keep you up-to-date as to how REACHReady can answer all your REACH, CLP and BPR needs efficiently and economically, and let you know about all the latest REACHReady services.

So whether you are a chemical manufacturer, distributor, blender, trader or importer, or a downstream user of chemicals, you'll find our Helpdesk a comprehensive source of invaluable advice.

In addition to our on-call service for Gold subscribers, we offer a comprehensive on-line information source, starting with our in-depth list of “frequently asked” (and answered!) questions.

The Frequently Asked Questions section is available to all subscribers to REACHReady, both Silver and Gold. Here’s a taster of what’s on offer for REACH, CLP and BPR.

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25 May - CLP for Formulators and Importers - An Introduction, London

Anyone responsible for classification and labelling, as well as those accountable for wider product stewardship issues should attend. The day will be of particular value to anyone new to classification, but it will also benefit those with experience of classifying mixtures...

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Latest News


Latest News

11 April - CLP: Annex VIII on poison centres published

The new Annex VIII to CLP, containing new arrangements for submissions to poison centres, was published last week. Article 45 within CLP requires importers and downstream users placing hazardous mixtures on the market to disclose relevant information to national Poison Centres...

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