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Practical training for all your REACH, CLP and BPR needs

Training with REACHReady

We run an ongoing programme of training events designed to help you tackle every aspect of REACH, CLP and BPR, from the Basics to many of the technical issues you will need to deal with to ensure ongoing compliance. The majority of our courses are also CPD accredited to support your professional development. Our training is face-to-face giving delegates the opportunity to ask questions, hear the experiences of other participants and network with those in similar situations.

Choosing the right training course for your needs can seem like a complicated business - so we've put together some helpful information to point you in the right direction, for further information see our guide to REACH, CLP and BPR training.

If the comprehensive list of courses below doesn't meet your needs, or you're looking for training for a group of people, contact us about our Bespoke training options. If you are looking for IUCLID training please contact us for bespoke training.

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Forthcoming workshops:


Meet the Trainers

If you would like to know more about the REACHReady team and their expertise then please meet the trainers.


5 February - Managing REACH for Suppliers of Articles: How Compliant are you?, The Studio, 7 Cannon Street, Birmingham B2 5EP

REACHReadyThis one-day workshop is aimed at business managers and regulatory specialists in companies that supply articles within the EU. It is of particular relevance to companies working through the complex and often confusing requirements in the REACH Regulation for finished goods, sub-assemblies and components. It will be of interest to importers and EU producers of articles alike, who are dealing with supply chain communication obligations and verifying product compliance.

As the list of chemicals of concern grows:

  • how do you check that your company is still on track?
  • what does your REACH compliance statement mean?
  • do you have sufficient information to support your Article 33 declarations?
  • do you know if your goods comply with new and existing Annex XVII restrictions?

If you need to understand more about how to manage your REACH compliance obligations and answer any (or all) of the questions above - then this is the day for you.

This workshop will outline the essentials of a compliance strategy that will help you identify if you are doing all you can to comply, recognise where business risks are likely to occur and how to minimise them and develop and maintain your strategy for REACH compliance as part of good product stewardship.

Click here for Full details and the Booking form.


18 February - Managing REACH for Downstream Users: How compliant are you?, One Drummond Gate, Pimlico, London SW1V 2QQ

CPDREACH has been with us since 2007. In that time formulators and other Downstream Users have been working through the (still) complex and confusing detail of REACH, often delegating responsibility for doing so to the HS&E or Regulatory Team – or hard-pressed individual!

But, costly mistakes are known to have been made, so:

  • how do you check that your company is on track?
  • how do you ensure your site operations are in compliance?
  • how do you minimise the risk of a REACH-related supply chain failure to your business?
  • what can you do if something goes wrong?

This day is aimed at business and technical managers working in chemical using sectors. It will outline the key compliance measures that you should be taking in your own business, and important assurance checks to make of your EU suppliers.

Click here for Full details and the Booking form.


25 February - REACH and Small Businesses, Radisson Blu Hotel Manchester Airport, Manchester M90 3RA

REACHReadyDelivered in partnership with the Royal Society of Chemistry this one-day workshop has been specifically tailored for small companies in the chemical and downstream industries. It will be of particular interest to managers responsible for health, safety, environmental and REACH compliance, to formulators in R&D roles, and those in sales and purchasing roles dealing with REACH

During this one-day workshop we will discuss how REACH affects small businesses and how to deal with the challenges it presents. The programme will provide an overview of the key aspects of REACH, from substance registration, the rights and responsibilities of downstream users, through to the management of chemicals of concern such as SVHCs.

Click here for Full details or access the RSC website for online booking. Register for your place before 26 January 2015 to secure an 'early-booking' discount.


5 March - CLP: Practical Issues for Compliance with the 2015 Deadline, Village Urban Resort Solihull, Dog Kennel Lane, Shirley, Solihull B90 4GW

REACHReadyWith just months to go until the final CLP deadline have you done all you need to comply? This one-day workshop will look at some of the practical issues that arise when classifying and labelling chemicals, and also consider some of the wider impacts of changing classifications. During the workshop we will highlight some of the key ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’ to ensure that delegates comply with the new requirements.

The workshop will help you:

  • Improve your understanding of CLP and the impact of classification on other regulations.
  • Define your company’s role and its duties for hazard communication and notification.
  • Know how to prioritise your actions and make a robust compliance plan.

Practical exercises will be held throughout the day to help understanding of key concepts, and there will be plenty of time for discussion of problems that delegates may be facing.

Click here for Full details and the Booking form. Register for your place before 5 February to secure an 'early-booking' discount.


18 March - SDS Awareness - Writing Safety Data Sheets for the 2015 Deadline, The Studio, 7 Cannon Street, Birmingham B2 5EP

REACHReadyAnyone handling or supplying hazardous chemicals will already be familiar with the Safety Data Sheet (SDS). However, from 1 June 2015, EU importers and suppliers of substances and mixtures must update their SDS to comply with the new format in Annex II to Regulation 453/2010. On the same date, when the Dangerous Substances and Preparations Directives are repealed, the obligation to classify, package and label mixtures to CLP begins.

This event is designed for those responsible for writing SDS. It will be of particular interest to importers, formulators and suppliers of mixtures, but also has relevance to those supplying substances.

Click here for Full details and the Booking form. Register for your place before 18 February 2015 to secure an 'early-booking' discount.


26 March - Receiving an Extended Safety Data Sheet: How to deal with Exposure Scenarios for Chemical Users, Thorpe Park Hotel, 1150 Century Way, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS15 8ZB

CPDEveryone handling hazardous chemicals will already be familiar with the safety data sheet (SDS). However, under REACH, you should now be receiving extended SDS for hazardous substances that have been registered in your supply chain; an obligation that will eventually apply to all hazardous substances registered at 10 tonnes or more per year. The new annex to the SDS contains exposure scenarios (ES) relevant to the identified uses of your and other downstream customers.

This event is designed for those responsible for health, safety and environmental protection within companies using hazardous substances from EU suppliers – downstream users in REACH-speak! It will also be of value to those who formulate and supply mixtures.

Click here for Full details and the Booking form. Register for your place before 26 February 2015 to secure an 'early-booking' discount.


REACHReady Bespoke Training

We can offer all of our training courses specifically designed for small groups of delegates, delivered at your place or ours. We have put together a package of suggested programmes, all of which can be tailored to your own requirements. Ideal numbers will be 6 or more participants - but if you would like to participate in one of these courses as an individual or with smaller group just let us know and we will try to 'matchmake' to find similar people to make up the required number. REACHReady's Bespoke Training.

If there is any other aspect of REACH training that you would like us to help with - just let us know. To find out more or to register your interest please call us on 0207 901 1443 or e-mail

Join us by becoming a member of REACHReady - sign up now. Call us on +44 (0) 20 7901 1444 for more information. Then you’ll be ready for anything.



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